WP Hotel Booking plugin helps you manage your hotel and online bookings with variety of payment methods. The plugin has more more professional features than other current hotel booking plugins in the market. It works independently, not involving with WooCommerce plugin.

Take a look at the Premium HotelWP – Hotel WordPress Theme and Hotel Sailing Theme we designed to work with WP Hotel Booking.

If you need any assistance, kindly create a ticket on wp.org or our support forum.


You can install the plugin LearnPress using the upload option in the admin area. First, you need to download our plugin WP Hotel Booking from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-hotel-booking/ The plugin file must be a .zip file. Follow the below steps to install plugin WP Hotel Booking via WordPress Admin Plugin Upload:

Step 1. Visit Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Click button “Upload Plugin”

Step 2. Click the button “Choose file” then select the WP Hotel Booking.zip file on your computer and click Install Now.

After installing the WP Hotel Booking plugin, please click the Activate button.

Note: After you have installed/activated WP Hotel Booking, you need to configure some basic information before publishing your website. You can click the Quick Setup to configure them:

The screen will show setup options for WP Hotel Booking:

Click  “Run Setup Wizard” to get started.

Pages Options: We have default pages when you install our plugin, you can change the pages if you want.

Payment: You can configure your Paypal email account and Currency which will be displayed on your website. Then, click Continue to go to the next step.

Finish: You can View Documentation or Back to Dashboard.


3.1.Create a new room

You can start by creating a room. Select “Add new room”, and you will be taken to the room creation form.


Here, you can set the title, add images/videos, and write a description for your room.

Scroll down a bit and you can see the Room Settings section including: General, Pricing, Block Special Date, Galary, Deposit, Regulations, FAQ and Facilities.


  • Quantity: Represents the number of rooms in your “Room” section.
  • Room Capacities: Maximum number of people in the room.
  • Max children per room: The maximum number of children in the room.
  • External link: Allows you to attach a redirect link to another system when the booking button is clicked. Example: https://www.booking.com
  • Additional Information: Your room information will be displayed in single room.

  • Enable Video: When you click the checkbox, a Video Source form will appear, allowing you to display a video description of the room.

  •  Of course, aafter adding the video link to the description, you will see it in frontend.



You can set pricing plans for your rooms in the “Regular Price” section.

And you can add other plans for the room.
The special thing is that you can set the time to apply the price to your room.
3.1.3.Block Special Date

Here, we have a setting for you to block the room for the whole month or block the days you want by clicking on the day. Also, remember to update after blocking the room.

After you block rooms, your customers can’t book rooms on those days.


You can add more descriptive photos of your room to attract more customers here. Please add photos to make the room more lively.

The images you have set in the Gallery will be displayed under the drag bar in the single room.


You can require customers to deposit before paying by enabling the “Deposit payment” option.

After that, you can set up the Deposit type and Deposit amount.

You can choose a fixed value or price percentage.

If you choose a fixed value and set the deposit amount, at checkout will ask the customer to pre-set the amount you entered in the deposit amount.

In contrast, if you choose a percentage of price and set a deposit amount when paying, customers will be required to deposit an amount equal to a percentage of the order value.


In the Regulations section, you can add room rules.

Of course, you can add photos or videos if you want here.

The specified content will be displayed outside the Frontend as follows:


In Room Settings, we’ve added an FAQ section so you can provide more information or questions about the room to your guests.

After adding questions to from FAQs, the content will be displayed in the FAQs tab.


You can add existing Facilities (you already have) or you can create new extra options with “Add new”. The Facilities will be displayed when you book the room.

3.2.Room Types

In Room Type, there will be a form to create a room type and a form that displays all existing room types. You can add Room type for rooms.

4.WP Hotel Booking

4.1.Booking Order

All your orders will be managed and tracked in Booking Order.

4.2.Extra Options

In Extra Options, you can create extra options to assign to your room. Click Add new extra room, you will see desciption and extra setting.

In Extra settings, you can set items like price, unit, type (you can choose the type of extra room option), and required box.


The coupon is where you can create discount codes to attract customers.

You can create a coupon with an attractive description, discount type, or cart % discount (remember to enter Discount value). You can also enter the coupon time, min/max value, and the number of times the coupon can be used if you want. We have a “Use” field where you can track how many times the coupon has been used.


You can set many settings here, including Setting General, Setting Pages, Setting Emails, Setting Checkout, and Setting Room.

4.4.1.Settings General

All general system options will be displayed here.

  • Single Purchase: The Single Purchase option allows you to select the quantity right when searching the room.

  • Custom Process: When you turn off the Custom Process option, you can select the extra option as soon as you search the room.

  • Currency: You can choose the currency suitable for your country or audience.

  • Currency Position: You can choose how the price will be displayed here. includes: Left ( $69.99 ), Right ( $69.99 ), Left with space ( $69.99 ),

Right ( $69.99 ).

  • Thousands Separator: The thousands separator in the price.
  • Decimals Separator: Decimal separator in the price.
  • Number of decimal: Allows you to take as many decimal places.
  • Minimum booking nights: This function allows customers to set a minimum number of booking nights. In case you set the Minimum booking nights to 2, users can only book a minimum of 2 nights per room.

  • Tax: You can set the required tax percentage when a user makes a reservation.
  • Price including tax: If this option is enabled, an additional tax will be charged when the user wants to make a reservation. If the option is turned off, the room rate includes tax, so the user will not have to pay rent when booking.

  • Price display: You can choose 3 types of price display: Min, Max, Min to max.

  • Advance Payment: The minimum value that users must pay to book room. This section will be displayed in the Cart page and the Checkout page.  (Unit: %)
  • Enable Coupon: To use the coupon, you need to enable this option.
4.4.2.Settings Pages

In Setting Pages, you can set pages, edit pages, view pages, and create new pages.

4.4.3.Settings Emails
  • Email Options: Please enter your email information in the fields of Email Options.

  • Complere Booking: After the user orders successfully, an email will be sent to the user if the option is enabled. At the same time, you will also receive an email notifying that the user has successfully booked a room if you fill in the Recipient(s), Subject, Email Heading, Email Heading Description, and Email Format fields.

  • Cancel Booking: After the order is cancelled, an email will be sent to the user if the option is enabled. You will also receive an email notifying that the room has been canceled if you fill in the Recipients, Subject, Email Subject, Email Subject Description, and Email Format fields.


4.4.4.Settings Checkout
  •  General: You can set how long it takes to cancel an order when a customer has not paid. (Unit: hour)

  •  Offline Payment: You can enable the option to allow booking payments via offline payments. In Instruction, you can fill in information for bank transfer via Offline Payment, for example: Bank Account. Information will be displayed when the user checkout successfully.

  • Paypal: If you want to enable Paypal payment gateway, don’t forget to enable the option and fill in the fields below:

4.4.5.Settings Room

  • Number of column display catalog page: In the room archive, the page will show the corresponding column number that you have set up in the “Number of column display catalog page”.
  • Number of post display in page: Show the number of rooms on the pagination when the user searches for the room ( in the search page ).
  • Catalog images size: You can set the size of the room image to be displayed on the search page.
  • Display rating: When you enable this option the rating will be displayed in the archive room.

  • Max Adults Rooms: This option allows setting the maximum number of adults. You can see this when checking availability.

  • Room images size gallery: You can set the gallery image size. Note that this is the size of the image displayed in a single room.
  • Room images thumbnail: This option allows you to set the room image thumbnail size (single room).
  • Display pricing plans: When you enable this option, the price of the room will be displayed in the single room.

  • Enable ratings on reviews: The review star section will be displayed in the Review field.

4.5.Calendar Manager

You can track booked room time in Calendar Manager. Here will display information about the time the rooms are booked in a month for you to easily manage and track information. about your rooms.


  • Template: Show information about Overriding Templates (Theme).
  • Updates: The new version database information will be updated here.