1.Coure Free

The free course, you can click “Enroll” to join the course.


2.Paid course

The course can be purchased with Woocomerrce payment method or by membership:


  • Purchased with Woocommerce payment method:

After clicking to buy your course, you will be taken to the Shopping Cart page to check out, then to the checkout page to choose your payment method.

  • Purchased as a member:

After you click to buy a course as a Member, you will be directed to the membership level purchase page. You will choose the level to hit buy.



On the Student Profile, you can see the courses, orders, Setting, …

Course: Here will display the courses you have purchased

Order: Show order details and order status


Students can edit their profile: General, Avatar, Password, Publicity.

Quiz Results: displays the quiz of the courses that students take, the quiz which passes, the quiz false

Wishlist: show favorite courses