Display Setting

Here is place for you to configure for WooCommerce page

Number of Products per Page: Configure number product showed on shop page.

– Column: Number column to show products in shop page.

– Placeholder image: Upload placeholder image for all product image.

Archive ProductPage

Here is place for you to configure separately for Category Products.

Layout: select a layout for your shop detail page with this option.

Hide Title or Breadcrumb: Check this box to Hide/Show tittle or breadcrumb for archive product page.

Background Heading: select top image for archive product page.

Background Heading Color: select background heading color to display rather than top image.

Text Color Heading: select color for text heading.

Sub Title: enter sub tittle for archive product page.

Single Product

You also can configure separately for Single Product here.

Other options for setting the single product are similarly described in the Archive Product Section.