(SKIP THIS STEP if you have already successfully uploaded your SquareRoot theme via WordPress)

If you prefer uploading your SquareRoot files via Internet Explorer “ftp”, please follow the instruction below.

First, open a browser and type your ftp address into the address bar, like this:


You will see a pop-up window, asking you to insert your user name and password to open your ftp files.


Insert the correct username and password and your browser window will open to the ftp root folder. Find the “Page” button at the top right of your screen, click on it and the drop-down box below will open. Click “Open FTP Site” at the bottom of the drop-down.


ALMOST DONE! After you click “Open FTP Site,” you’ll see this pop-up window will open again.


Insert your user name and password one more time and you will get this screen:


Scroll to the folder that you use for your SquareRoot site. For example, if your site is called “My Resume”, then open that folder. Inside, you will find three folders: WP-Admin, WP-Content, and WP-Includes. Open the folder WP-Content and find “Themes”. This is where WordPress place place the themes that are available for your website to use.

Now open another explorer window to navigate to where the SquareRoot download package is placed on your PC, which in this case, is the desktop.


BUT WAIT! Since you’re uploading via FTP, you cannot insert the entire SquareRoot folder into the root files. You must UNZIP IT first and pick up only the SquareRoot folder

Drag it into the MyResume » WP-Content » Themes » folder~ in the FTP files.


Once the files you’ve dragged have finished copying, CLOSE THE FTP WINDOW AND THE THEME FOLDER WINDOW, then go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance » Themes. You will see that SquareRoot is already in your theme choices.


I recommend using Firebug Addon from Mozilla. This way you will find exact styles applied for each tag and trust me, it will make your life easier. It also has a console to track JS errors.

Here you can see a demos using Firebug http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=firebug .

Just download it and test it, you won’t regret it, I promise you!

Install SquareRoot Theme

If you chose to upload SquareRoot with WordPress uploader, then wait for the notice below to appear and then click the link “Activate”.


In cases where you uploaded the files with other FTP tools, open the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance » Themes. You can Activate SquareRoot from the theme choices there.


Click on the SquareRoot icon and then “Save and Activate”. A notice will appear asking you to install some required plugins.