Editing with Thim Product Price includes the following steps:

1. Drag and drop Thim Product Price to the right box in the image.


This is the interface when you successfully drag and drop “Thim Product Price 

2. Price: Edit the format of the price

  •  Alignment: the position of the text
  •  Color:
    • Global Colors: there are 4 default colors
    • Color Picker: Drag and drop the mouse to the desired color
  • Typography:
      • Custom:
      • Family: Choose a font family style for the title
      • Size: Choose a  size for the title
      • Weight: Choose a weight style for the title
      • Transform: Choose a font style for the title
      • Style: Choose a font  for the title
      • Decoration:  Choose a font Decoration  for the title
      • Line-Height: Edit the top and bottom spacing of text and blocks
      • Word Spacing:


3. Sale Price: Edit same as above price

4. After editing, remember to click the Update button