Editing with Thim archive post includes the following steps

1. Drag and drop thim archive post to the right box in the image


This is the interface when you successfully drag and drop “Thim Archive Post”


2. Skin:  Choose a Skin style for the tag, default is Classic, also Tag and  Full Content


3. Columns:  Select the number of posts to appear in 1 row. Default is 3


4. Show Image: Allow to show the featured image of the post or disable the option to hide it


5. Image Postion: Choose the display position of the post’s photo. Default image shows top


6. Image Size: Choose image size


7. Post Data: There are 4 types of data: title, meta data, content, read more

Click the icon to duplicate the title

  • Type: Select Type to change to Meta Data, Content or Read More
  • Tile HTML Tag: select size text
  • Button ADD ITEM: add type data

8.Open in new window

  • Enable: Redirect to a new tab when clicking on a post
  • Disable: Don’t redirect to a new tab when clicking on a post

9. Pagination

  • None: no pagination
  • Numbes: pagination type number

Page Limit: number of pages displayed


Alignment: the position of the number

  • Previous/Next: pagination type previous/next

Previous Label: edit the label previously displayed

Next Label: edit the label previously displayed

  • Numbers + Previous/Next : pagination type previous/next
  • Load On Click:  pagination type Load On Click
  • Infinite Scroll: pagination type Infinite Scroll

10. After editing, remember to click the Update button