Styling Options

1. Show Preload: check this box to hide or show a preload bar.

2. Layout Width: choose to display your site in full width on the whole screen, or in a boxed zone with background color or pattern that you can customize in the next options.

3. Body Background Color: this option should only be used with the Boxed Layout. You can select a solid color for the background of your page.

4. Background Pattern: checking the box under this option title and you will be able to select one of our elegant default pattern to decorate your page background. You can also upload a custom image to use as your packground pattern. Attributes of this custom background can be set with Background Repeat, Background Position and Background Attachment options below.

5. Background Repeat: repeat the image in your background

6. Body Text Color and Body Text Hover Color: are options to set color for text in the content of your site.

7. Body Color Primary Body Color Second and Body Color Three: select color in these three options to use for background color of the 3 blocks below.

8. Border Color Primary is to set primary color for border under titles in the screenshot below. The Border Color Second color will show when the tab is hoverred or active.

You can also control the color of general text and link color in your website.

In this section you can upload an image to use as your Background Pattern. You can also change the Body Background Color to match your specific pattern as well.