Setting Shop Page:

Shop page is a page to show products, product categories. To select a page is shop page, you need to go to Dashboard>> WooCommerce >> Settings >> Products tab>> Display sub tab  >>  select Shop page >> click “Save Changes” button.


Shop Page Layout Options:

To configure layout for shop page, go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> WooCommerce >> Layouts. This is the place for you to select an alignment for your Shop page – which is place to show products, product categories. You can choose whether or not to use the sidebar, as well as positioning it in a layout with 1 or 2 columns.

1 – No side bar at all

2 – One sidebar, located on the left

3 – One sidebar, located on the right

4 – Two sidebar, located on the left and right.

After you finished customizing this section click the Save & Publish button.


How To Add Widgets To Shop Sidebar:

Please read below for information on how to add widgets to Shop Sidebar.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Appearance >> Widgets tab to access the list of widgets and widget areas. The left hand side shows all the widgets you can use. The right hand side shows all the different widget areas you can add widgets to, including Shop Sidebar.

Step 2 – Simply drag and drop the widget you’d like to add into Shop Sidebar area on the right side.

Step 3 – To rearrange widgets on a widget section, just drag and drop the widgets into the order you’d like.

Step 4 – When finished, make sure to click the “Save” button in the widget editing box to save your changes.