This tutorial will guide you how to setup WPML  to translate your rooms into many languages. We skip WPML general settings step such as languages setup, pages/ posts setup. We just focus on room translation setup and how to translate the rooms into multilingual correctly. In the tutorial, we setup 2 languages: English is the default language and French is the second language. The necessary plugins are:

The first, you need go to your Dashboard => WPML => Languages => Configure your language and choose the way to display a language switcher in the site.

Step 2: You go to your Dashboard => WPML => Settings => Configure like images below:

Step 3: You go to your Dashboard => WPML => Taxonomy Translation => Select the taxonomy to translate => Do like images below:

Then you go to Room => Room Capacities, you will see other language.

Step 4: You go to your Dashboard => WP Hotel Booking => Settings => General tab => Check the pages which you are using.

Then you go to Pages => All pages => edit those pages => Do like images below to translate:

  • Hotel Booking Search page:
  • Single Room page:
  • Extra Room:
  • Cart Page:
  • Hotel Checkout page:
  • Hotel Thank You Page: