With Learnpress, we support lessons with text and media content.

  1. Text
    You can switch the editor type of the lesson here: Text and Visual.

2. Media

You can also add media to your lesson content.

You can add videos in two ways:

  • Way 1: Upload your video to the website’s media library. Then use the “Add Media” button to add the videos to the lesson content
  • Way 2: You can also add videos by pasting the video URL(from Youtube or some online platform) to the lesson content.

We recommend you follow the first way, it improves the load speed of your pages and the content will not disappear when the source of the content is deleted.

After adding a video to a lesson, if the video content is not displayed on the page, you should check whether your plugins have a lazy load setting and turn off lazy load on the iframe tag.


You can edit the lesson content with Elementor or WPBakery. You can see how to enable this feature here.