You can set up Pages, Currency and instructor registration feature with General setting. Please go to Dashboard => LearnPress => Settings =>  General

  • You can change the default pages to your pages to change the URL. Please note that if you change the default pages, it will change the content of those pages to our content.
  • You can set up your currency unit and its formatting. This will affect the course price on all pages.
  • You can enable Publish profile and Instructor registration feature here.

The registration form will be added a “Want to become an instructor?” option if you enable the “Instructor registration” option.

If the user selects the option “Want to become an instructor” in the registration form. The request will be sent to the admin and will appear at the pending request tab in the Profile in the backend. You can see in the below picture:


Admin can accept or deny the “become an instructor” requests here.