There are many options in the “Course Settings” section for you to configure your course.

  • Duration: The duration of the course. It will be counted from when students enroll in the course. Set 0 for lifetime access.
  • Block Content – Block courses when the duration expires: Students cannot see the course content after the course duration ran out.
  • Block content – Block course after student finished this course: Students cannot see the course content when they finished the course.
  • Level: You can set the level for the course: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, or All levels.
  • Fake Students Enrolled: The number of enrolled students on the single course page will display the number of: [Fake Students Enrolled] + real enrolled students.
  • Max student: The number of maximum students can join the course, it doesn’t include the [Fake Students Enrolled]. Set 0 for unlimited.
  • Re-take Course: The number of times that a student can learn that course.
  • Finish button: If you enable this option, students can finish the course after they completed all items but didn’t pass the course’s assessment.
  • Featured list: Add the course to Featured List.
  • Featured Review: A good review to promote the course. This review will be displayed on the single course page.
  • External Links: Normally use for offline classes. Redirect to the link you put when users click on the “Enroll” button on the single course page. Use this when you want to link the course to the course on another website.

You can choose the passing condition for a course with the Assessment tab. We have 5 basic options for Assessment. You can hover the mouse over the question mark to see their descriptions and examples.


In the Pricing tab, you can set the price for that course, zero or blank is Free. We allow you to set the sale price for a course, you can even set the start time and end time for that sale promotion.


You can add Extra Information about the course like Requirements, Target, Key Features, FAQs so that your users will know more clearly about your course.


As an admin, you can change the course’s author, you can assign the course to another instructor.

LearnPress only supports setting one author for a course. If you want to assign more than one instructor to a course, you can use our plugin “Co-instructor add-on for LearnPress”, you can find it here: