We would like to thank you for choosing WordPress LMS Plugin – LearnPress. Built compatibly with the latest version of WordPress and page builder plugin Visual Composer, LearnPress 3.x promises to give you awesome experiences in creating your own education websites.


You can download LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin for free here

You can install LearnPress plugin via 3 ways: Via WordPress Plugin Search, Via WordPress Admin Plugin Upload or via FTP

2.2.Via WordPress Upload

Follow these steps below to install LearnPress plugin via WordPress Admin Plugin Upload:

Step 1. Visit Dashboard > Plugins > Add New

Step 2. Click Upload Plugin

Step 3. Browse learnpress.zip file on your computer and click Install Now

Step 4. Activate LearnPress plugin

2.3.Via FTP

Follow these steps below to install LearnPress plugin via FTP:

Step 1. Login your FTP account via FTP software to access your host web server

Step 2. Extract learnpress.zip file

Step 3. Upload the extracted folder leanpress to wp-content/plugins folder

Step 4. Activate LeanrPress plugin in Dashboard > Installed Plugins



After Enabling Learnpress, go to the Run Setup Wizard to install it:

The screen will show setup options for Learnpress:

  • Choose a currency/ continue:

  • Static page:

  • Payment: payment settings.

  • Email:

  • Finish:



You can create free or paid courses (including lessons and quizzes) and let students preview your course’s description, curriculum, instructors and many more.


  • Add Course Title
  • Add Course Description
  • Add Curriculum for Course:

– You can Select Lesson or Select Quiz to add the lesson/quiz that you have already created

– Or you can create new lesson/quiz there (those will be automatically added to the lesson/quiz library later)

  • Add Tag and Category for Course to group related courses together


  • General Settings

– Set the course Duration. After this duration, course author can decide to either hide the course or leave it visible

– Set the number of Retake. Users can only retake if they passed the course before. Users can retake as many times without rebuy the course

  • Assessment

– Provide several options to evaluate course result and set passing grade

  • Payment Settings

– Course payment:

  1. Disable this to set free course
  2. Enable this to set price and sale price

– Requires enroll: When course is free,

  1. Disable this to allow public users to enroll
  2. Enable this to allow only registered users to enroll

  • Review Logs

– Record of course changes before publishing

  • Author Settings

– You can assign an user as the course author


You can create lessons, set their preview-ability and add them to course curriculum.


  • Add Lesson Title
  • Add Lesson Description
  • Choose the Lesson Format



  • Lesson Settings

– Set the lesson Duration

– Preview Lesson: If this setting is enabled, users can preview the lesson content without enrolling the course



You can create quizzes and add them to course curriculum.


  • Add Quiz Title
  • Add Quiz Description
  • Add Questions to the Quiz:

– You can Add Existing Question to add the questions that you have already created

– Or you can Add New question there (those will be automatically added to the question library later)


  • General Settings

– Set the quiz Duration. After this duration, the quiz cannot be accessed


You can create questions and add them to quizzes.


  • Add Question Title
  • Add Question Description
  • Choose the type of question:

– There are 3 default question types: True or False, Multiple Choice, and Single Choice

– You can add more choices to the question if needed

  • Add Tag for Questions to group related questions together



  • Receiving Orders

– When an user places order on your website, admin will see the order under LearnPress > Orders.

– The order’s default status is Pending Payment. Admin will need to change the action on the order.

  • Create Orders

– Admin can manually create order for user(s) by adding the items, setting the order status and assigning the order to one or more user(s)


Statistics about Users, Courses, and Orders


  • General

– Instructors registration: Enable an option to register as an instructor

  • Courses

  • Pages

– There are pages that need to be configured: Profile. Quiz, and Become a teacher

  • Payments

– Payments provides payment gateway for transaction.

– Default payment gateway is Paypal. We also provide other payment gateways as plugins such as Authorize.net and Stripe

  • Checkout

– Checkout allows Auto enroll so that user will be automatically added to the course after purchasing

  • Emails

– Emails setting allows to edit email subject, heading and content for all email activities


  • Upgrade courses

– Upgrade courses, lessons, quizzes, and questions from version less than 1.0

  • Remove current data

– Remove all courses, lessons, quizzes, and questions data

  • Remove outdated data

– Remove all courses, lessons, quizzes, and questions from version less than 1.0


You can update LearnPress plugin via 2 ways:  via WordPress Admin Plugin Update and via FTP.

4.1.Via WordPress Update

When update is available, you will see a notification about updating your LearnPress. Click update now


4.2.Via FTP

Follow these steps below to update theme via FTP:

Step 1.  Visit LearnPress plugin on wordpress.org and click Download

Step 2. Extract learnpress.zip that you downloaded from wordpress.org

Step 3. Upload new plugin folder learnpress to wp-content/plugins to override the existing files

5.Knowledge Base FAQs

Please check other resources about using LearnPress on Youtube and TheWPCourse Blog

  1. What is Learnpress?

    LearnPress is a plugin to create a LMS website, to spread out course, or sell course.

  1. Where can I find LearnPress documentation and user guides?

If you want to use LearnPress to build a Learning Management Website, please refer to our user guides in LearnPress official site.
And if you want to extending or theming LearnPress, see our Wiki.

  1. Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you get troubles when using LearnPress you can ask for help on the LearnPress Support Forum  or join the private Facebook group. You could share your feedback about LearnPress. And let us know which feature you would like us to build next.

For help with premium add-ons, use our helpdesk

  1. Where can I ask for new features or suggest ideas or theme for Learnpress?

You can send us your ideas through form here.

  1. Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

You can also report bugs on LearnPress Support Forum or LearnPress Github Repository.

  1. Where can I find the REST API documentation?

We will provide documentation about LearnPress REST API really soon

  1. LearnPress is great, can I contribute to it?

Yes, you can and we appreciate it. Join in our Github Repository.

6.Support Service

ThimPress forum is our main resource for supporting customers. To reach us:

Step 1. Click here to create your account. We will ask for your Themeforest purchase code

Step 2. Go to Eduma support forum and create your topic

We really care about our customers and guarantee to response to all support questions within 48 hours since your support ticket is created.

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