This Documentation is used for Upsell Add-on for LearnPress.

  • You can download LearnPress Upsell Add-on here:
    Step 1: To download Upsell add-on for LearnPress, visit ‘My Account’ on thimpress.com
    Step 2: Click ‘Download‘ or ‘Select version‘ to download
  • Visit WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
  • Click the Upload Plugin button -> Choose the .zip file that you have downloaded -> then click Install Now.
  •  After the installation is completed, click Activate Plugin.


This Documentation is used for Upsell Add-on for LearnPress.

  • First, you need to go to LearnPress => Setting => Upsell.
  • Here, you can set Package slug, Archive Package page, Archive Package per page, Enable Course Tab, Course tab Packages per page.

Package slug: You can edit the slug of the package.

Archive Package page: You can set the page, edit the page, create the page, and the view page displays the archive package page.

Archive Package per page: The number of packages displayed on the package archive page.

Enable Course Tab: When you enable this option, the single course page will display a package tab. If you disable this option, the package tab will not be displayed on the single course page.

Course tab Packages per page: Show packages per page in a course tab. If the course has you in more than one package, it will display Load more.



This Documentation is used for Upsell Add-on for LearnPress.

  • Please go to LearnPress => Upsell. You can manage packages here.

The package table will include the package title, the courses assigned in the package, the price of the package, the author and the date modified. You can also edit, view or delete the package.

  • Click Add new to add a new package.


Title: Displays the header of the package.

Description: You can add descriptions to your package.

Status: You can set the package’s status to Published, Draft, Pending, Trash. Of course, you can choose to publish the package as well or choose a publishing time in the Publish Date field.

Publish Date: If you choose to publish in the future, the package name will display a Scheduled tag.

Courses: You can add the courses you have to the packages by searching and removing them with the ‘x’ icon.

Price: Displays the total price of the selected course ($). When you select the option “Set a new price” will display the form set price.

  • Percentage discount: You can reduce the package fee as a percentage of the total cost of the courses in the package.
  • Fixed discount: Set the price for the plan to the price you want.

Featured image: You can set featured image for package.

Tag: You can add and manage tags for each package.


This Documentation is used for Upsell Add-on for LearnPress.

You can view the packages on the archive package page, single package page, or in the package tab of the single course.