1.Download and Install

  • After downloading the Gradebook Addon for LearnPress, “Sign In” and select “My Account” on  thimpress.com
  • Click ‘Orders‘ and ‘View‘ your order
  • Under ‘Order Details‘, download the latest version of the plugin
  • Visit ‘WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  • Click ‘Upload Plugin‘ and choose a .zip file you have downloaded. Click ‘Install Now‘ to start the installation process.
  • After installing the plugin successfully, click “Activate Plugin” and you’ll get the notice about the plugin being successfully activated.
  • The plugin is now activated and ready-to-use


  • Gradebook add-on helps students and teachers follow the student progress in a course, including the number of passed lessons/quizzes and the status of current learning lessons/courses.
  • You can export the Gradebook to a CSV file and save it for management and statistics.


  • Visit ‘LearnPress > Courses’
  • Click ‘View’ on any existing courses you want to check for the Gradebook.
Export CSV: When you select this button, your downloaded CSV file will only include the following fields: User ID, Username, Email, Start Time, Status, Average.
Export Full CSV: When you select this button, your downloaded CSV file will have additional fields: End Time, Lesson 1, Random Quiz Test.
  • You can see student records in the table. You can view student records in the table. Click on the username for specific test results and lessons for each user
  • Click “Export CSV” to download a CSV file to your device.
This is a CSV file downloaded in the computer

4.Font-end Gradebook

You can also view the Gradebook on the Front-end by going to Profile -> select Gradebook.
  • Click on the “ Go to Gradebook” link to check each gradebook you want.