We would like to thank you for choosing EziHotel. Built by the latest version of WordPress and used with WordPress only as well as using the powerful page builder plugin SiteOrigin, Elementor, WPBakery Visual Composer. If you need any assistance related to EziHotel theme, kindly visit support forum https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/royal/


In this section, we present Recommended PHP configuration limits and How to verify your current PHP limits. But before that, make sure that you’re running the latest version of WordPressPHP version 7.0 or higher and MySQL version 5.7 or higher.

Recommended PHP configuration limits

One of the issues you may run into is importing demo data fails. The first solution is to increase PHP limits. You can do this by yourself  or contact your server provider to ask for the help to increase following PHP limits:

  • max_execution_time = 300
  • max_input_time = 300
  • memory_limit = 256M
  • post_max_size = 32M
  • upload_max_filesize = 32M

How to verify your current PHP limits

Verify your PHP limits in Dashboard >> WooCommerce >> System Status. Or contact the server provider to confirm your current PHP limits are and have them set it up again if neeed.

2.What’s Included

When purchasing our theme on Themeforest.net from your Envato account, in Download tab, you can select to download entire theme package (All files & documentation) or just theme file (Installable WordPress file only). The theme package is a zip file containing the following files:

  • EziHotel theme: An Installable WordPress Theme zip file.
  • EziHotel child-theme: A child-theme zip file and a readme.txt note about the child-theme.
  • Documentation: A link to this documentation.
  • Licensing.



You can install the theme by 2 ways: Via WordPress or via FTP.

3.1.1.WordPress Upload

After downloading theme packages, exact theme package. The file you use to upload is a zip file named EziHotelFollowing these steps below to upload theme via WordPress: Step 1. Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes >> Add New. Step 2. Click Upload Theme button. Step 3. Browser EziHotel.zip file in your computer and click Install Now button. Step 4. Active Sailing. Step 5. Enable Thim Core to activate the core of EziHotel and start importing demo data process.

3.1.2.FTP Upload

Following these steps below to upload theme via FTP: Step 1. Login your FTP account via an FTP software to access your host web server. Step 2. Unzip EziHotel.zip file. Step 3. Upload the exacted theme folder sailing to wp-content/ themes folder. Step 4. Active the theme in Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes. Step 5. Enable Thim Core to activate the core of Sailing and start importing demo data process.


You are able to customize your website in Dashboard > Appearance > Customize



Set site title, site icon, logos (header logo, mobile logo, sticky logo) and logo width.

4.1.2.Blog Page

Select layout, set top image, custom title/ sub title for Blog page.


Select layout, set top image, sub title, show author/ category… for category post pages.

4.1.4.Post & Page

Select layout, set top image, custom title/ sub title, show/ hide author, date, category,… for posts.

4.1.6.Color Site

Setup the primary color for the site and the background site color.


Setup the pattern for the background of the site instead of the boring colors.


Config the site layout: Stie Layouts, Archive Layouts,…


Config font text, font size, text color for the text body and headings.


Includes archive, singular

Config page 404.

4.2.Header Settings

4.2.1.Header Layouts

Select layout, background color/image…


Setup font size, text color or hover color for Toolbar.

4.2.3.Main Menu

Set background color, text color, hover color for main menu.
















4.2.4.Sub Menu

Set text color, background color or bottom border color for Sub menu.

4.2.5.Sticky Menu

Set background color, text color or hover color for sticky menu.

4.2.6.Mobile Menu

Set background color, text color or hover color for main menu on mobile.

4.3.Hotel Booking


Select layout, set title/ sub-title or top image for Rooms archive page (your-site/rooms).


Configure Custom title or upload a general top image for all single room pages. Besides, you can use email system for booking instead of booking online by enabling Show Book Email option and input the Contact Form ID.                                           You will find Register button in single room. Users will use the form and send the request to book this room including check-in/ check-out dates, email, numbers of adults/ children…Administrator will receive these information through email. This feature is suitable for tours.


Show/ hide social sharing in single room pages.


Show/ hide Adults and Children field in search form; show/hide More Info button in Rooms archive page

5.WP Hotel Booking

Our theme Sailing uses WP Hotel Booking plugin written by ourselves. With this plugin, you can order rooms, room settings as well as checkout with variety of payment methods. The plugin has more some professional features than other current hotel booking plugins in the market. It works independently, not involving with WooCommerce plugin.

1. Set up rooms with some WP Hotel Booking addons

Check some general settings and WP Hotel Booking addons as well as creating a new room here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tSazvKhBl8&feature=youtu.be When you created rooms but 404, please check “Post Name” option in Dashboard >> Settings >> Permalinks.

 2. Setup WooCommerce system for booking system

WP Hotel Booking supports to use WooCommerce checkout system with WooCommerce payment gateways. By installing WP Hotel Booking WooCommerce addon, you can completely use WooCommerce for online booking system.

3. Setup WPML with WP Hotel Booking and multilingual translation

This tutorial will guide you how to setup WPML  to translate your rooms into many languages. We skip WPML general settings step such as languages setup, pages/ posts setup. We just focus on room translation setup and how to translate the rooms into multilingual correctly. In the tutorial, we setup 2 languages: English is the default language and French is the second language. The necessary plugins are:

Please notice the following things: 1. Setup WPML – Visit WPML >> Settings >> How to translate posts and pages, enable ‘Create translation manually’http://prntscr.com/luqr1a – Visit WPML >> Settings >> Post Types Translation >> enable ‘Rooms’ translatable http://prntscr.com/luqrd3 & Rooms Capacities in Taxonomies Translation http://prntscr.com/luqrl1 2. Start to translate the rooms – Install WP Hotel Booking WPML Support plugin. – Translate Room Capacities and Room Type in WPML >> Taxonomy Translation http://prntscr.com/hxx734. – Begin to translate rooms. When translate rooms (or posts/ pages) use “Overwrite content of …” instead of using “Copy content of…”. Here is the steps http://prntscr.com/hxxbm8 >> http://prntscr.com/hxxbup.

6.Update theme

You can update Sailing theme via 2 ways: via Thim Core and via FTP.

6.1.Update via Thim Core

Thim Core plugin allows to update theme without resetting your settings and customization. However, you should always backup your files and databases before updating. Follow these steps below to update Royal  theme via Thim Core: Step 1 – Visit Royal – hotel > Dashboard and login with your Envato account. Step 2 – Click Update now.

6.2.Update via FTP

Follow these steps below to update theme via FTP: Step 1. Log into your Envato account on themeforest. In your Download page, find Sailing theme and choose the Installable WordPress Theme. Step 2. Login your FTP account via FTP software to access your host web server. Navigate to wp-content/themes folder to backup your current Royal Hotel folder if needed. The contents on your site will not be lost but if you have modified the code then the changes will be lost. You have to modify them again after updating. Step 3. Extract royal-hotel.zip that you downloaded from themeforest Step 4. Upload new theme folder Royal hotel to wp-content/theme to override the existing files.

7.Support Service

When purchasing our themes, you will receive the free 6 months of support service for the questions and problems regarding the theme. Once the period of your support service is expired, you can extend support to 12 months. But no matter your support service of your product is over or not, you always receive free timelife updates for the theme. We really care about customer support services and guarantee to response to all support topics within 24 hours on weekday (a bit longer over weekend) since you posted a ticket. Regarding the problems with code customizations or 3rd party plugins, we are not able to provide free support service. We just can provide you customization service at a fee. Check more info here https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy#whats-not-included-item-support If you need any assistance related to Sailing theme, kindly visit support forum https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/sailing/

8.Knowledge Base & FAQs

Before submitting a ticket on our support forum, please ensure that you meet all the following requirements:

  • Refer documentation.
  • Read changelog and make sure that your site is running the latest version of Hotel WP.
  • Disable all 3rd part plugins because sometimes they’re the reasons causing the issues.
  • Clear all the caches after changing any settings in your site.

And check out our Knowledge Base and FAQs below to find out the answer for your question.

How can I translate room/ slug to something else?

Our booking plugin can be easily translated by a translation plugin, such as Loco Translate plugin. Most of you want to change /rooms URL so I will guide how to do. – Install Loco Translate plugin. – Visit Dashboard >> Loco Translate >> Plugins >> WP Hotel Booking >> find rooms [URL Slug] and change to “apartments” (in case, I’ll change /rooms URL to /apartments URL) http://prntscr.com/hz9t8e >> http://prntscr.com/hz9siv >> find rooms [URL Slug] and change to “apartments” http://prntscr.com/hz9u4c Note: * Site language and language in Loco has to be same. * The permalink is always “Post Name” http://prntscr.com/idii6b

How to get license key of included premium plugins (Visual Composer, Revolution Slider)?

You can use included premium plugins such as Visual ComposerRevolution Slider for free when you purchase and download our themes from ThemeForest. So you don’t have to buy your own license to use these plugins. However, as a note from that plugin’s author, you (theme buyer) can not active directly get support from them. But please don’t worry if you see warning messages about the plugin license activation or update required. You always get the latest version of Visual Composer, Revolution Slider when we update the theme. We will test these plugins before send it to you to make sure there are no conflicts with our theme.

Will customization be lost if I update theme?

No, your customization in Customize panel will not be lost if you update theme. Only the coding modification in original theme’s files will be lost and that’s why you should deploy in child theme.

Customize can not be saved

When you make some settings in Customize panel but the changes can not be saved. There are some common following reasons:

  • It’s due to your server error “500 Internal Server”. Read here to know about the error and how to fix it.
  • User of server (e.g Apache, Nginx) can’t write file. Let chmod file style.css and config.less (all in the theme directory) is 777.
  • Your PHP version is outdated. PHP version 7.0 or higher is recommended.

There are also some sticky tickets we posted in purchased theme support forum. Please take a look these tickets. In case you can not find out the answer, don’t hestitate to let us know by submitting a ticket.