1.Getting Started

Created: 11/15/2017
Latest update: 11/15/2017
By: ThimPress
Thank you for purchasing our theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this documentation, please feel free to request support at our Support Forum. Thanks so much!


2.1.System requirement

There are system requirements in order to properly install and setup AcademyLMS theme and its components. Make sure that you are running Linux hostinglatest version of WordPressPHP version 7.0 or higher and MySQL version 5.7 or higher. We also recommend the following PHP configuration limits:

Recommended PHP configuration limits

  • upload_max_filesize = 32M
  • post_max_size = 32M
  • max_execution_time = 300
  • max_input_time = 300
  • memory_limit = 256M

Please contact your server provider to verify your current PHP limits and have them set it up again if needed.

Once you successfully install and activate AcademyLMS theme, AcademyLMS Dashboard will be added to your WordPress menu. You can verify those requirements under AcademyLMS > System Status 

2.2.Download the theme

After purchasing AcademyLMS theme on ThimPress with your ThimPress account, go to your Account Profile / Download page and start downloading AcademyLMS. The Package includes:

  • AcademyLMS theme: An installable WordPress theme zip file.
  • Documentation: A link to this documentation.

2.3.Install theme via WordPress

Follow these steps below to install AcademyLMS theme via WordPress:

Step 1. Visit Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New.

Step 2. Click Upload Theme.

Step 3. Browse academylms.zip file on your computer and click Install Now.

Step 4. Activate AcademyLMS theme.

Step 5. Install and activate Thim Core plugin of AcademyLMS that required for importing demo data.

2.4.Install theme via FTP

Follow these steps below to install AcademyLMS theme via FTP:

Step 1. Login your FTP account via FTP software to access your host web server.

Step 2. Extract academylms.zip file.

Step 3. Upload the extracted folder academylms to wp-content/themes folder.

Step 4. Activate AcademyLMS theme in Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.

Step 5. Install and activate Thim Core plugin of AcademyLMS that required for importing demo data.

2.5.Install plugins and import demo

After the theme successfully installed and activated, you will see the AcademyLMS theme dashboard with our welcome message. Click ‘Next step’ and follow the instructions to set up your site:

Step 1. Name your website and set the description.

Step 2. Choose a demo and import into your site.

There will be times that some of the plugins fail to install due to internet loss and you will see the error message ‘You can try again later’. Simply choose the plugins and click install and activate again

Step 3.  Install and activate required and recommended plugins for the theme.

Step 4. Start customizing your site.

Step 5. In case of any issues rise up, please go to the forum at https://thimpress.com/forums/forum/academylms and create a ticket.

You can also import any specific pages from the demo. Please go to our support forum and we will send you the file of those pages and the guide of how to import.


Now you have successfully installed AcademyLMS theme. You can go to Appearance > Customize to customize your own unique website!


In General tab you can customize your Logo and Typography.


Logo and sticked Logo are the one that displayed on your header and will be the representative of your site.

The Site icon is the tiny icon that shown next to your site’s name on browser


There are 2 categories in Typography: Body and Heading.

Body is where you customize the content text of the page, post and element on the whole site.

Heading is the place you can customize the fonts, sizes and other factors of headings, such as Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on.


This is where you change the look of your header

In each section you are able to change position, color, font, size of the menus and choose to activate the sticky menu or not. We offer 2 styles of header: Overlay and Default.


You will be able to adjust the look of most of the elements of the page: Color, Layout, Pattern and Support.

Background repeat: it’s wherher or not your background image repeats to fullfill the site or just one single background image

Background position: the place you want to put background image there, center, left, right, top or bottom.

Background Attachment and Size: inherit from other global settings.

Theme Primary Color: the main color of your site that will be active and default color all over everywhere.

Body Layout is where you decide the elements in site and page to be wide or boxed

Background Pattern: The pattern behind the background image. You can choose one from premade patterns above.

RLT Support:  Turn this on to enable RLT function, which could be used in some countries over the world.

Preload: This option will enable the preload page, the page will display when loading site or page, make your site lively, beautiful and interactive.

Preloading: the icon displayed in the preloading page. AcademyLMS provides bunches of icons for you to choose.


Archive customizes the layout of homepage and forums, normally we choose the one with sidebar at the right as below

Post & Page customize the layout of page and post within the site. Customization includes color, background, heading, and more.

Sharing provides some social media sharing function, such as Facebook share and Twitter retweet.


This is the place where you customize the Product Category page, Product page, config Settings and enable Sharing of WooCommerce within AcademyLMS


This is for customizing LearnPress ArchiveLearnPress Single Page, and LearnPress Feature



Company, Link, Recommend and Support are the menu below the footer, while the Main Menu is the main mega menu on the header, and Main Menu right is the offcanvas menu at the right side of the site (only displayed in small display such as small windowed browser, tablet, mobile)

In there you can customize elements, options and menus for each one, for example with Main Menu:



This is one of the most powerful factors of the theme, which provides you unlimited ability to do anything. For example here you can custom Search sidebar, Menu right, Footer and Copyright. You can add any widget inside to add elements in.

Here you can re-order, customize elements of footer: You can add rows, widgets, remove or change, etc.

The Menu right is the Login section of the header.

The Search Sidebar is also lies on the header.

3.10.Additional CSS

You can customize your whole page with CSS if you’re a tech man. This tool will give you unlimited ability to customize your site.

4.WooCommerce Setting

Inside this panel you will find all core WooCommerce settings such as: catalog settings, pages, payment gateways, shipping methods and tax rates which are accessible via the tabs at the top of the screen.

To configure your shop go to “WooCommerce > Settings”, then browse through the tabs below to get more information on the WooCommerce Options and then click Save changes.

For more details, please follow the official docs.

Product Thumbnail Settings

The Product thumbnail size is decided by Product Image settings in WooCommerce. To customize, open WooCommerce Settings menu, then switch to the “Products” >> “Display” >>  “Product Image Sizes

If you change these options after the images are set for your product, please re-generate your thumbnails to match the new settings by accessing the Tools >> Regen. Thumbnails menu and click on the <<Regenerate All Thumbnails>> button.

5.Setting up blog

Step 1: Create a page named “Blog”

Go to Dashboard / Page / Add New

Step 2: Create categories and tags

Add new Category named “Blog” either

The tags created will depends on what topic of your blog, so create them as you want. Also you can create a “Blog” tag

Step 4: Set the Blog page as Posts page

Then, you are now able to create post page and write your blog!

6.Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Siteorigin is the fantastic plugin, that adds a drag & drop page builder to your WordPress theme. It gives you the tools you need to be able to create complex page layouts without touching a single line of code. Read more at here

When editing a widget, on the right of the interface always shows a Widget Styles column consisting of AttributesLayoutDesign to help you configure for this widget.

Widget Class: a CSS class.

CSS Styles: CSS Styles, given as one per row.

Padding: Padding around the entire row.

Background Color: select Background color of the row.

Background Image: select Background image of the row.

Background Image Display: how the background image is displayed.

Border Color: Border color of the row.

Font Color: Color of text inside this widget.

7.ThimPress’s Widgets

We are proud to present you our widgets bundle:

Each one has the unique function to decorate your site and make your site look creative, giving you the unlimited ability to combine and customize. For example, you can use Thim: Button to show your site’s features and advantages, and once you hover your mouse over an icon, it will grow bigger to draw attention and interactive.

8.Child theme

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of the parent theme. Child themes are recommended because if you modify a theme directly and it is updated, then your modifications may be lost. By using a child theme you will ensure that your modifications are preserved.

Follow these steps to create and modify AcademyLMS child theme:

Step 1. Visit AcademyLMS Dashboard > Child Themes tab > Install and activate child theme

Step 2. Navigate to your themes directory /wp-content/themes/AcademyLMS-child

Step 3. Open the functions.php file and add any custom modification at the end of the file

9.Update theme

You should always backup your files and databases before updating. At this stage, AcademyLMS supports update via FTP

Stay tuned at AcademyLMS page as we will push update on there. Check your account profile and Download, so that you can download updates from there.

After downloading the updated package, please:

Step 1. Login your FTP account via FTP software to access your host web server. Navigate to wp-content/themes folder to backup your current academylms folder if needed. The contents on your site will not be lost but if you have modified the code then the changes will be lost. You have to modify them again after updating or save a backup

Step 2. Extract academylms.zip that you downloaded from ThimPress

Step 3. Upload new theme folder academylms to wp-content/theme to override the existing files.

10.Knowledge Base and FAQs

Check our Knowledge Base and FAQs below to find the answer for some common questions:

What if I already have Eduma theme ?

Eduma and AcademyLMS theme share the same LMS features and functionalities, thus you can switch between the two without affecting LMS data.

  • If you already have your website using Eduma theme and want to change to AcademyLMS theme:
    First, deactivate all the plugins on your site. Then install and activate AcademyLMS theme above.
    Your site is now using AcademyLMS theme and current LearnPress data should be preserved, no more action needed.
  • If you have two different sites using Eduma on one and AcademyLMS on another and you want to transfer LearnPress data from one to another:
    We provide a FREE plugin called Export/Import that helps to transfer LearnPress data including courses, lessons, and quizzes from one to another website. You can check the plugin usage here

Theme Installation Error?

1. “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet“: this occurs when you try to upload the full zip file that includes sample data, documentation, etc. Please make sure you are uploading only the installable theme which is called academylms.zip.

2. “Are you sure you want to do this?“: this can occur due to several reasons:

  • PHP memory limit is too low (here is how to increase PHP memory limit).
  • You are trying to upload the full zip file instead of just the installable theme
  • The upload_max_filesize isn’t large enough. You need to update your php.ini file to increase the value

3. “#005_FILE_NOT_FOUND“: Since we no longer include demo data in the theme folder (for smaller theme package size), if you encounter this 005 error when importing demo data, please try the following solution:

  • Visit Dashboard > Plugins and make sure Thim Core plugin is up-to-date
  • Visit AcademyLMS > Plugins and find Thim AcademyLMS plugin. Try to install and activate this one again.

Can customization be saved?

When you make changes in Appearance > Customize setting but the changes cannot be saved, there are some common reasons:

  • “500 Internal Server”: Read this blog to know how to fix it.
  • Users of server (e.g Apache, Nginx) cannot write file: let chmod file style.css and config.less (in theme directory) be 777.
  • Your PHP version is outdated: update PHP version 7.0 or higher.

Will customization be lost if I update the theme?

No, your customization in Appearance > Customize will not be lost when you update the theme. Only the code modifications in the original theme files will be lost and that’s why you should deploy in child-theme.

How to customize the registration confirmation email?

You can customize the default welcome email sent by WordPress by using a 3rd party plugin called  SB Welcome Email Editor.

How to improve site speed?

We have a blog about what affects site speed and how to improve site speed. Please check it here

How to translate my site?

We usually recommend using Loco Translate plugin. Check this guide to know how to translate your site and also how to troubleshoot if the translation does not show

11.Support Service

When purchasing our themes, you will receive free 6-month support service for problems regarding the theme. Once your free support service expires, you can renew your support service to 12 months. But no matter whether your support service expires or not, you always receive free life-time updates for the theme and plugins.

We really care about our customers and guarantee to respond to all questions within 48 hours since your support ticket is created.

Regarding the requests about Customization and 3rd-party plugins, we provide a Customization Service for a fee.

11.1.Support Forum

ThimPress forum is our main resource for supporting customers. To reach us:

Step 1. When you purchased AcademyLMS, you will be automatically granted an account and added to AcademyLMS support Forum

Step 2. Go to AcademyLMS support forum and create your topic.

Before submitting a ticket on our support forum, please do all the following requirements:

  • Refer documentation.
  • Read changelog and make sure that your site is running the latest version of Course Builder theme.
  • Disable all 3rd-party plugins because they may be the reasons causing issues.
  • Clear caches after changing any setting on your site.